About Us

Boss&Bougie was started in May 2019 by Rose Kidd, In Houston, Texas.

Boss&Bougie carries accessories and apparel; new, and handmade. Catering to 90's & Y2K Era, Skin Care, Illuminators, Lipgloss, Lashes, and Wholesale Products. We also sell jewelry. Our one of a kind necklaces are handmade with love, Decorative & With Bling!

Follow @bossandbougiegang on Instagram and Twitter for updates about upcoming live events and new releases.

www.Boss-Bougie.com is available to shop all hours of the day, everyday. Customer Service is only available weekdays, not including holidays. Please allow 2 business days for a reply and please only send one email, multiple emails or multiple forms of contact will only slow the communication process. Include all of your order information in the email (name, order number, date, and concern).

Thank you, Boss Babes for supporting my small business!

XOXO, Rose Kidd